Oh! You Pretty Things : Bowie and Elvis Birthday Bash

Michael T, Benjamin Ickies, Laura Rebel Angel, and Twig the Wonderkid present

Oh! You Pretty Things : Bowie and Elvis Birthday Bash

Sunday January 20th Martin Luther King Weekend

Oh! You Pretty Things is proud to present a birthday bacchanalia for rock’s two greatest capricorns David Bowie and Elvis Presley, Michael T and the Vanities and This Ambitious Orchestra perform larger-than-life arrangements of hit songs from their catalogue along with a live set from the Screamin’ Rebel Angels and burlesque performances by The Love Show, Bettina May, and Brewster for this Vegas-style three ring circus .

Emcee Pepper Mint

Performances by

Screamin’ Rebel Angels
Michael T and the Vanities
Benjamin Ickies and This Ambitious Orchestra

Featuring special guests Alison Clancy, Birdy Black, Cici James, Formika, Jenny Decker, Joe Starbolt, Juilie Smith, Mick Royale, Pepper Somerset, Queen V, Raquel Cion, Rob Roth, Sean Kershaw, and Will Hoffman

Burlesque by The Love Show, Bettina May, and Brewster

DJS Twig the Wonderkid, DJ Ceremony, and James David spin glam-rock, rockabilly, and new-wave

Hosted by Nita Aviance, King Vulcanus, Lady Valtronic, Miss Tiffany Leigh, Blairstorm, Pixie 007, Carles Velez, and Andy Shaw

Birthday Celebrations for Michael T and Benjamin Ickies

Photographs by Nicky Digital of NICKYDIGITAL.COM

Video by Party Fowl Productions FOWLPARTY.COM

Dress Code : All Bowie & Elvis Looks, Southern Dandies, Vampire Chic, Glam Cowboys, and Space-Age Futurist

Door by Mandana Banshie


Sunday January 20th @ 10pm 21+ID

Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker and Thompson St New York City